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The School Store is OPEN

Thanks for all of your patience as we roll out a new provider for our revised dress code.  Instructions sent to returning and new families follows:

Dear returning and new members of the STM community:

The “School Store” is open.

A few important notes and suggestions before you navigate to our provider’s website:

  1. The 2019-20 dress code is attached to this email – feel free to save it for future reference. Please read it and email or call us if you have any questions. There are mandatory items to purchase and suggestions on the number of items your son will need.  Laundry is weekly, so he does not need 20 shirts, but 3 won’t work. The dress code is also posted in the online store site for easy reference.
  2. In order to enter and purchase items at the online STM “school store” you will need to create an account with username (email address) and password. Credit card information is not stored in the account so don’t worry about creating a complicated password-just an easy one to remember.  If you forget it, there is a link to reset it.
  3. As part of our goal to keep costs down for families, we contracted to have all orders delivered to campus for the fall with no shipping charge. They will be individually packaged by student name for easy delivery upon your son’s arrival.  During “check out” select the “School Drop” option. You can have them delivered to home or another address but you will incur shipping charges.  Items cannot be shipped to International addresses.  To guarantee delivery by school starts, only choose “school drop” when ordering after August 15th.
  4. Dress Code will be phased in the week of September 3rd and required beginning on September 9th.
  5. Be sure to use the sizing charts available for each item. You will find it on the item’s webpage, just below the “Item Notes” box and to the right of the item photo.
  6. The store will be open 24/7/365 so you can always purchase additional or optional items later.

Ready to shop?                 Click on the following link: STM School Store

Let us know how the account set up and shopping experience went for you at

Call or email with questions – contact Donnelley’s for specific website related questions.


Office of Admissions