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Jere Quinn Named Director of Development

Letter to alumni from Jere Quinn

Dear Alumni,

For me, becoming the Director of Alumni and Development at St. Thomas More School is a special opportunity at this stage of my life.  I have spent virtually my entire life in school, as a student, athlete, teacher, administrator and coach.  I did not stop becoming a student upon becoming a teacher.  I did not stop becoming am athlete when I became a coach.  I did not stop becoming a teacher once I became an administrator.  I have spent my entire professional career working at STM and have truly loved the experience.  I have watched our school help students at a critical time in their life – a time to grow socially, morally, academically and athletically.   Every young man who walked onto our campus carried expectations and dreams from their family, community and himself.  Our job was to facilitate their quest.  I honestly believe we always gave each student our best effort.

I have been fortunate to get to know many alumni and I believe our relationships have always been built on trust and respect.  I am happily looking forward to reconnecting with the students and players of my past and await the opportunity to meet the alumni prior to my start of employment.

Realistically, all schools need fiscal support to grow outside of tuition.  It will be my responsibility to help with this endeavor.  Our accomplishments have been inconsistent from this.  I realize developing a successful and highly functioning office will be a challenge.  However, for all that know me, I have always enjoyed the obstacles of a challenge.  This office will be built on two staples, initiative and integrity.  These are the two staples I have always built my basketball program on.  I am first going to learn all I possible can about School Development and Alumni Giving and then we will organize our office through hard work, honesty and trust.

In the upcoming months, I intend to reach out to many of you.  Hopefully, you initiate the process by contacting me first.  Philanthropy is defined as lover of man or good will to others.  Too often, today the term “philanthropist” is used as a euphemism for raising money.  The terminology used often today is “Pay it forward” but what that really means is to give back.  I believe people are always at their best when they are helping others and involved in something that is good.  My objective in the upcoming year is to raise money to help others.  I truly hope you can help me help others and become a part of this journey.  Thanking you in advance!


Jere Quinn

Director of Development