• Student Assistance Programs

    Bridget Autencio
    (860) 859-1900 X110 or x180
    Director Student Assistance Program;
    Student Assistance Program Teacher
    Fairfield University B.A.
    Southern Connecticut State University M.A.

    Dorothy Classen
    (860) 859-1900 X164
    Student Assistance Program Teacher
    University of Hartford B.F.A.

    The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a curriculum-based tutoring program in which each student meets their tutor five times per week in a one to three tutor to student ratio. This program is designed to assist students who need to develop more effective learning methods or those students who are experiencing academic difficulty because of lack of organization, weak study skills or because a language barrier hinders academic progress.

    SAP has recently been relocated to a more welcoming, comfortable and centralized space in the Administration Building. Our students work cooperatively in our new facility that features large work tables, small group or individual areas, and numerous computer stations. Tutors create individual lessons that encompass a multi-sensory approach to match each student’s unique needs including auditory, visual and kinesthetic methodologies. Lessons focus on study skills which prioritize time management, organization, homework completion and assessment preparation.

    It is essential that students are hands-on and learn to generate their own study guides and learning tools to prepare for real-world practicality. SAP tutors and curriculum teachers communicate closely several times each week so that the tutors can prepare effective lessons that engage students and emphasize classroom teachings. Teachers routinely provide feedback about students’ progress, participation and academic performance to ensure that students remain engaged, current and successful. The tutors are also available to provide support for any member of the student body on weekdays between 2:00 and 4:00 pm.

    Please contact the Director of the Student Assistance Program, Bridget Autencio, with any questions at (860) 859-1900 ext. 180 or 110.