A proven formula

Classroom in action
  • In going beyond the academic day to an academic life, a St. Thomas More education helps students develop the skills necessary to be prepared for future success as globally aware and confident young men in the twenty-first century.  The rich academic experience features an innovative, engaging, collaborative, technological, creative, and experiential curriculum accompanied by special care and attention in small class sizes. While our young men gain independence, self-discipline, and self-reliance from their evening studies sessions, they also learn how to advocate for themselves by seeking personal assistance when needed. 

    Academic Philosophy

    The goal for each student at St. Thomas More School is to find his potential and maximize it. Our college preparatory program provides the necessary academic training for our graduates to succeed at the next level. What makes St. Thomas More unique is our approach. We provide an environment of structure, learning and trust. Our students are met with a challenging curriculum and are required to work hard, but they are not expected to do it alone. From the moment they step on campus, they are provided with small classes, individual attention, a devoted faculty and a strong support system. They discover the importance of asking questions and seeking guidance in order to achieve success. Our students learn better note-taking skills and improved studying techniques, and our teachers instill in them sound work habits through extra help and evening study hall. The requisite course load, along with structure and time management training, prepares students for what awaits them in college. St. Thomas More School's talented faculty members are committed to the achievement of their students and motivate each of them to reach their greatest potential.

    Keys to Success

    The combination of small classes, a structured study environment, an engaged Advisor, an online portal to monitor academic performance and a strong academic support team are the keys to a student's success at St. Thomas More School. With typical class sizes between 3 and 15 (average 8), everyone gets the attention they need.

    Instructors teach their subjects and the study skills needed to master the academic material. The key ingredients of our study skills program are:

    • Improved listening and note-taking skills
    • Effective time management
    • Concentration and memory techniques
    • Stress management
    • Test preparation
    • Systematic study