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    Welcome Parents

    Most likely you have arrived at St. Thomas More School's website because you see your son's potential, but you are not certain he does. You are here because you know he is smart and able, but his grades do not reflect that. You are concerned because he needs to better manage his time, become a better student and get prepared for the best possible college for him. You are here because your son needs a strong college prep curriculum along with the learning strategies and organizational skills needed to succeed.

    St. Thomas More School's program is about addressing those issues that are keeping your child from making the most of his ability. Part of the maturation process of a students is accountability. In our small classrooms, there is no place to hide. Assignments need to be completed or the student must be ready with questions about why he got "stuck". If clarity is not achieved during the regular period of instruction, time is set aside for extra help where your son will be able to receive the attention he needs to master the material. In the afternoon athletics and activities are an essential part of the day. It is not unusual for a boy to translate an accomplishment on the field of play or in an activity into success in the classroom because confidence is an essential part of performance. In the evening, Sunday through Thursday, all of our students are in a supervised study hall. Distractions are eliminated, the teacher on duty is available to provide help, and assignments are tackled before they become an insurmountable backlog of work.

    As you make your way through our website, please take the time to read our mission and history. Tour our program thoroughly and you will discover that at St. Thomas More we know how to tap into your son's potential and help him achieve more.

    Please plan to come visit us and see how much more we can do for your son.