Welcome to St. Thomas More!

  • Matthew QuinnWelcome to St. Thomas More School. We are uniquely dedicated to developing and cultivating the maturation and advancement of young men within a safe, supportive, structured, and nurturing environment.

    James F. Hanrahan Sr., the founder of St. Thomas More, often encountered students who were not fulfilling their potential during his early teaching career. He discovered that when he invested time in these students by instructing them more, encouraging them more and expecting more of them, they would begin to blossom and then flourish. His goal was to build a small school where there would be more attention for every one, more focus on effort and achievement, and more opportunity for accomplishment through sports and activities. St. Thomas More School opened in 1962 with that as a promise and today it is our pledge.

    At St. Thomas More you will learn an essential truth: the more you apply yourself, the more you will accomplish. In the small, familial community that is our school, we expect you to do more because we do more for you. Classes are small, on average 8, so you can expect to learn more. Extra help is available every day, so you can expect your skills to develop more. We are well known for our nationally ranked PG basketball team, but sports are so much more here. If you want to take up tennis, learn to kayak or even try lacrosse, there is always a place for you on a team so you can expect to play more. There is the yearbook, clubs, and community service, so you can expect to be involved more. Sunday through Thursday everyone attends supervised evening study hall, so you can expect to accomplish more. On the weekend, whether we travel to Vermont to ski, a girls' boarding school for a dance or a hockey game in Hartford, you can expect to experience more.

    We look forward to sharing the St. Thomas More experience with you!


    Matthew Quinn